Meditation articles


Personal Autobiographical Accounts

Initial Meditative Experiences Part I. Roger Walsh.  Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 9:151-192, 1977

Initial Meditative Experiences: Part II. Roger Walsh.  Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 10:1-28, 1978

Journey Beyond Belief–An Autobiographical Account of Explorations in Psychotherapy, Meditation, and Contemplative Disciplines. Roger Walsh.


Psychological, Clinical, and Spiritual Issues

The Core of Wisdom, an interview with Roger Walsh on Buddhist Geeks. May 2010

A Technology of Transcendence, an interview with Roger Walsh on Buddhist Geeks. May 2010

Skillful Speech: Saying What Helps, Heals, and Creates Happiness. By Roger Walsh for the Dzogchen Center Newsletter.  2010.

The Transmission of Wisdom: The Task of Gnostic Intermediaries. Roger Walsh. Journal of Transpersonal Research, Vol 1, 2009.

Defying Gravity: Roger Walsh reflects on the power of meditation.  An interview by Kathryn Bold at the University of California, Irvine. 2008.

The Meeting of Meditative Disciplines and Western Psychology: A mutually enriching dialogue.  (Walsh, R. & Shapiro, S.) American Psychologist, 61(3), 227-239, 2006.

An Analysis of Recent Meditation Research and Suggestions for Future Directions. (Shapiro, S., Walsh, R., & Willoughby, B.)  Journal for Meditation and Meditation Research, 3, 69-90, 2003.

Precipitation of Acute Psychotic Episodes by Intensive Meditation in Individuals with History of Schizophrenia. (Walsh, R., and L. Roche.) American Journal of Psychiatry 136:1085-1086.

The Consciousness Disciplines–Meditation, Contemplation, Yoga, and More. Roger Walsh. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. 23: 28-30, 1983.

A Model for Viewing Meditation Research. Roger Walsh. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 14:69-84, 1982.

Speedy Western Minds Slow Slowly–Cultural Differences in Meditative Progress. Roger Walsh.  ReVision 4:75-77, 1981.

The Consciousness Disciplines and the Behavioral Sciences. Questions of Comparison and Assessment. Roger Walsh. American Journal of Psychiatry. 137:663-673, 1980.

Meditation–Doorway to the Transpersonal. from the book PATHS BEYOND EGO by Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan. 1980.

Also see chapters from the book, PATHS BEYOND EGO. 1980.

Meditation Research: An introduction and review. Roger Walsh.  Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 11:161-174, 1979.

Meditation and A Course in Miracles: A Dialogue Between Roger Walsh and Robert Perry
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An Evolutionary Model of Meditation Research. Roger Walsh. A chapter from the book “Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives.”



Research Studies


Physiological Research

Modulation of Red Cell Metabolism by States of Decreased Activation. Comparison between States–Transcendental Meditation TM and Rest. Jevning, R. Wilson, A., Pirkle, H., Guich, S. and Walsh, R. Journal of Physiology and Behavior 35:679-682, 1985.

Metabolic Control in a State of Decreased Activation– Modulation of red cell metabolism by Transcendental Meditation–TM. Jevning, R., A.F. Wilson, H. Pirkle, J.P. O’Halloran, and R.N.  Walsh. American Journal of Physiology 245 (Cell Physiology 14):C457-C461, 1983.

Forearm Blood Flow and Metabolism during Stylized and Unstylized States of Decreased Activation–Transcendental Meditation versus Rest. Jevning, R., A. F. Wilson, J.P. O’Halloran, and R.N. Walsh.  American Journal of Physiology 245:R110-R116, 1983.


Psychological Research


Potential Psychological Effects of Sertraline: Novel findings revealed by meditation. Walsh, R., Victor, B. & Bitner, R.  American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 76(1), pp 134-137, 2006.

Can Synaesthesia be Cultivated? Indications from surveys of meditators. Roger Walsh.  Journal of Consciousness Studies, 12, 5-17, 2005.

Meditation Practice and Research. Roger Walsh.  Journal of Humanistic Psychology. 23:18-50, 1983.

Effects of intensive meditation on sex-role identification; Implications for a control model of psychological health. Shapiro, D.H., J. Shapiro, R.N. Walsh, and D. Brown. Psychological Reports 51:44-46, 1982.